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Sunday, 3 April 2011

How to start to Build your own SPA!

Things you need to know how to build your own SPA
1.          Customer target (babies, ladies only, ladies + gents, teenagers)
2.       Find good and strategic location.
3.       Decide of your design of spa
4.       Spa services (type or treatment, duration, price)
5.       Products (natural/herbal or cosmetic products?)
6.       Signature Spa/build images

A.      Type of Customer
This is very important to choose what type of guest that you wish to come to your spa later. To specify the customer needed. Either for babies, teenager, or adults.
B.      Location
To find the location of your spa later on is depend on the target customer  that you want to have, either  your spa is for babies, teenagers, or adults. Once you decided what type of customer that you will have then it will be easier for you to find which location that you needed.
C.      Design of your spa
Once you know the type of guest who will come to your spa, it will be helped you to decided what kind of design that you want to build for your own spa, the decoration/design is depend of type of guest that you will help, i.e. adults (either city of spa or business spa/day spa or country of spa/relaxation spa/resorts spa).
D.      Type of Treatment
3 basic of spa treatments:
-          Body Treatments: Body Massages, Scrub, Wrap.
-          Hair Treatments: Hair spa, Hair cut, stylist.
-          Beauty Treatments: Pedicure, Manicure, facials
The Duration of treatment is depending on what type of treatment, minimum 30 minutes for one treatment.
The Price of your spa services is also depending on the market that you want to achieved, and also your spa location is involve. Either is city spa or resort spa. The best price is not too high and also not too lower, you need to do research for comparison in your area, so your guests will not think that buy your products is wasting of their money. Good quality of products + Good Services provided = Value of Money.
E.        Products
Using the natural products is suggested, it is not only because of cheap, and also because it is easy to find everywhere you lived, so at the end you will not have a problem to find the supplier which is not available in your country.
F.       Signature Spa
You need to create a signature of your spa to start build your business images, it could be your design of spa, your treatment, your products, and the purposed is to make sure that all the guests who came to your spa is remember about your spa after they leave. Then they can start share the information to their friends. This is indirect selling which is will be effected your business in the future.

Happy reading ;-)

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