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Monday, 4 April 2011

Happy Wedding Anniversary 40th!

Happy Wedding Anniversary 40th Grand ma + pa! wish both of you healthy and happy all the time!, i was so honored to be invited for your party, because i know that i am no one from your family, we just met few days and that because i lived near by your house. i felt i am very special, apart from all your family, only me that you invited, and Grand pa said to me, now we are family, oooh hiks hiks...made me sad and glad in the same time, even though my parents far away from me but i still can make new family here and that is both of you and your family. thank u!
i still remembered 2 days before your DAY, you invited me and tell me that you will celebrate your wedding anniversary 40th, at that time i was so surprised, ooh God, 40 years! live with the same person, meet the same person EVERYDAY!, my teasing question was, "are you not bored grand ma??" and " no fighting??" then you answered me with your lovely smiled to grand pa and me, and said : "no, coz he love me bocoup!" and we are laugh together, so happy to see that smiled from both of you, and i wish in my hearth hope i will have the same experience as yours later, love and live with the same person that i love till the end of the world, amien...

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  1. Hi Coffee Break, please cekeidot for your wedding plan. :)